Benefits of Buying a Used School Bus

Although buying a new school bus may be ideal, there are many benefits to buying a used school bus. Choosing to buy used, rather than new can save money on initial costs. Buying a used bus will also assist in avoiding loss from depreciation. Additionally, school buses are customizable to fit various needs, besides transporting children to and from school.

Save Money

One of the most common reasons for buying a used school bus is to save money on initial costs. Buying a school bus on the used market, rather than brand new, can save money if buyers know what they are looking for. For example, if a driver only needs the ability to transport a small number of passengers, he or she could purchase a brand new mini school bus, which are priced at approximately $50,000 or more. However, a quality used mini school bus can be found used for as low as $10,000, depending upon the miles driven by the previous owner and condition.

Avoid Depreciation

Another advantage of buying a school bus on the used marketplace is avoiding most of the loss due to depreciation. Like most other types of vehicles, buses begin to lose value after the first mile driven. Usually, most of the depreciation occurs while in the possession of the original owner. Therefore, this allows those buying a school bus on the used market to garner a lower price and lose less money when it comes to selling the bus again.

Online Shopping

There are many online venues which list school buses for sale in their used sections. The more listings available the more choices consumers have, which increases their chances of finding a school bus which fits their needs and budget. Some of these sites cover listings from all over the U.S. or even the world. Other sites may only specialize in one section of the country, such as the Midwest. Some of the most popular sites are, Mid-West Transit Equipment, Taylor Bus Sales, Inc., and Bus Mart, Inc.

Bus Conversion

Although school buses were originally created to transport children to school and back, school buses can be customized to fit a variety of needs. Many people convert school buses to recreational vehicles, such as campers or party buses. Users can refit the bus's seats with whatever type of seats that fits their needs. School buses can even be equipped with beds, sofas, televisions, or a refrigerator. Many times cities customize school buses to be used for public transportation.

Spare Bus Parts

Those who already own a school bus or several school buses, may occasionally need to perform maintenance which may require replacing parts. However, buying new bus parts can be expensive. Not to mention, some manufacturers may have stopped making parts for many older school bus models. Therefore, salvaging parts from a cheap used school bus may save money if the price is low enough.

Before hastily going out to purchase a brand new bus, consumers should first check out the used market for school buses. However, be sure to make sure the potential used bus dealer is reputable. Check online reviews for any common or ongoing complaints about the particular retailer. Taking the school bus on a test drive and having a qualified mechanic take a look at the vehicle is advisable.