Where to Find Used School Buses for Sale

Searching for used school buses for sale can be a daunting task, especially for people who have never owned a school bus and are not certain what they are looking for. Take some time to research popular criteria and don’t be afraid to look around at different models to become familiar with the options. Here are a few websites that can help set you off in the right direction.

Another online marketplace to find school buses in the used market is, which has a variety of used buses of all types to choose from. However, the site is confusing for many reasons. First, despite the title of the site, the web address is actually, which can confuse many people. The website's design is also not user-friendly. When a searcher uses the site's built-in search engine, the listings do not contain pictures. However, when clicking on a category icon, such as “school buses”, the listings are different and have viewable images. Additionally the descriptions do not provide much detail.

Taylor Bus Sales, Inc.

Taylor Bus Sales, Inc. is a worldwide retailer of all styles of buses, including used school buses. The company lists its inventory of buses in an aesthetically appealing website. Users can sort buses by make, body type, model, type of engine, and various other categories. However, there does not seem to be a way to narrow down the used bus inventory to only school buses. Therefore, those who are looking specifically for school buses may have to do a little more work when shopping on Taylor Bus Sales, Inc.'s website.

Bus Mart, Inc.

Another method of shopping for a used school bus is through Bus Mart, Inc., which hosts a website listing that includes buses in the company's inventory and also listings from schools and other organizations. What makes this website unique, is that users are able to bid on some buses, as well as, simply buy some models for a flat price. The website's built-in search engine allows users to narrow down searches to bus type, including school buses. Also, the website is well-designed compared to some other online used bus retailers. Unfortunately, the product descriptions are not too useful.

As mentioned, prior to and when searching for used school buses for sale, take some time to become familiar with the different models and options available. This will help anyone to be able to easily spot a bargain and find the used school bus they have been looking for.